Random Shirt

Yay I got 3! I can’t believe they aren’t sold out yet - goes a lot slower than yeoldebaggeofcrappe eh?

I love woot <3

I only got one. I ain’t skerred of total randomness. :wink:

I’m in for 3! This will also be my first shirt.woot!

Yayerrrz! i scored mah self 3 BoCs for my torso. last november i only got 2 and was pleasantly surprised. woot, you did such a nice job last time you won yourselves an upgraded customer this go-round. :smiley:

I bought 2 sets of 3. . . one for me and one for my husband. :slight_smile:


the shirts are randomly selected from the shirts that they still have in their warehouse
and the shirts that they have in their warehouse could be anything that they every sold on shirt.woot.com

In for 3. Hopefully they arn’t shirts that I already have…

I’ve the same fear, but I’m gambling here nonetheless.

Yay! My first Woot order, and I’m in for 3!

How often do they run these Random Shirt specials?

Bought one, then decided I wanted 3 but guess the site won’t let you buy a second round.

Any way to fix that?

thought short and hard and just ordered three

i’m so excited i just can’t hide it; hope no slogans or repeats

both shirts i got last time were good, one is my favorite, but it had a rough weekend, so now it has tomato sauce, chocolate, and a considerable amount of blood on it. I wish I could get another “A hound’s tooth”

oh, BTW, don’t forget that, in the past, some lucky wooters got fun things and ‘modified’ shirt orders… so before you all go flamboyant on the random shirts - think twice young grasshoppa.

first random shirt woot!!! :slight_smile: hope they give me one from the smart people pack… preferably the “do the math” one wink wink gosh this is too much fun! :slight_smile:

why’s everyone gettin 3? someone said something about a coupon and it being 3 for 10$ . how do i get my hands on one of these coupons if it does exist?

can you elaborate?

Sweetness, been waiting on this for a few days. I’ve had great comments on other “random” shirts I’ve received from Woot.

You get them with certain previous purchases from a Woot site.

i don’t suppose it’s possible to get Sold Out shirts from this, is it?

You can also win them in various woot contests…