Random Shirt


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
Bah! Missed this shirt? To buy it, click here! (But it’s a Random Shirt, so pfft :P)


Fucking broken still…

Yay more random shirts. In for three.

Random shirt again? Awesome.

In for 1.

Hooray for Random Shirts!

cool bean s~! just got 3 with overnight shipping…
good thing I have a job…
hopefully no repeaters…
woot wouldn’t dare would ya woot?

Didn’t really like the three I got last time, but cripes, I can’t help it. In for 3.

can i get a blurry question mark t-shirt?

in for 3, loved the ones i got last time.

I’m down for 3.

In for 3 w/ express s&h cause I’ll be gone by Friday & don’t wanna wait a few months to get

So suddenly?

So soon, woot? As usual, in for 3.

If I order x3 am i guaranteed to get 3 different shirts?

Another one? Seems like they just had one! Well, in for another three.

In for 3 again. Lets hope my luck is as good this time as last!

In for one!

Loved my first 3 Randoms, hopefully I’ll get a good grab on this one too!