Random Shirt

$10 random shirt? Weren’t they $6.66 before??

Since when did these cost ten bucks?

$10 Woot? Seriously?

Too expensive! Boo!

Aren’t they usually $6.66?

Whoa. $10.00. Price hike?

The random shirt is $10 now? I don’t think I’ll spend 10 unless I know what I’m getting.

:frowning: $10?

yeah what the fart 10?

i agree BOO!!!

yea, what happened to the $6.66 price on these!?!?!

$10? This saddens me greatly…

haha, who would pay the normal price?

WTF!? No $10!

I kinda remember this happening before and them changing the price… =/

$10!?!?! NOT COOL WOOT!

Yeah, they were :frowning: In for at least 2 if they’re at the $6.66 price… but not at 10 :frowning:

Yeah, I was about to ask the same thing. That was pretty much 80% of the reason why I got 3 before.

i was just about to ask… is it worth it???

10 bucks, woot?

Seriously, you raised the price?

Total fail, guys