Random Shirt


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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I want a blurry question mark t-shirt.

Yay I love random shirt day- I’m in for two again :smiley:

Yayyy for random shirts. in for three :smiley: hope I get some fun ones.

I thought this might come up tonight.

for this sort of thing, i’d imagine a much better response if they set the price to $5.

me too

I don’t think I can do it!!! I have like 20 shirt.woots, and I was just going through my dresser looking at all the shirts I haven’t worn in months…

That may be outside of the scope of woot’s halftone capabilities.

I so knew randoms were up next, but I’m very leery this time. I got
awful shirts last one.
In fact, the one shirt I hate most of all. Also, usually they provide some sort of list. Hmmm…

In for one. At $6 it can’t go wrong…unless it’s a girl’s design, in which case I will gift it to someone at Christmas. I’m wary of getting more, though, because they might turn out to be all terrible. prays for good design

I woke up this morning thinking about next randoms. Odd, but nice. :slight_smile:

In for 3. teetrade later. :smiley: – good on ya, woot mentioning TT in the description.

I think you can pick the size.

Heh, my shirt should be in the running.

Not sure if I liked the designs since the last Random

lol i almost clicked on two… then i was like… arg i’ll pass and get what i want from shirt.woot when i see one…~ but for many of you… GET THIS!!

No children sizes?

I guess I should go for 3…

It’s always $6.66; they usually sell out by early afternoon (east coast US time). I’d say the price isn’t doing any harm.