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Random Shirt [Random] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Tuesday) OR $5 international shipping

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$6.66? :wink:

$10? Not $6.66? What?

So soon? Meh.

I think I’ll pass this time, there wasn’t really anything since the last one that I’d want…


$10 random shirt? Que?

Last time I got one, it was not so good… Urrg… the drunken urge to buy something tonight… think I will pass… Thx though!

i want 3 in $20.

hey, woot can i have it???

This happen before, and They reimbursed me the difference.

Drop the price please!

$10? psh

Every time I’ve gotten a random shirt, it was like ~$6. Sucks. ;(

Ok, I’m sure there will be an adjustment made later so going ahead and placing my order for $35 in hopes of it becoming $24.98 later.

Almost bought out of habit till I saw the $30 staring at me. No thanks, if I wanted them for $10 I woulda bought them when they were up originally.


$10… Same as when you know what you are getting… you should get the 6.66 price when playing T-Shirt Roulette.

Whoa…I’ve gotten random shirts in the past for $6.66 and would understand if they went to even $8.99 but to charge the same price as the normal shirts…?

Unless normal shirts are about to hit a price hike too… :frowning:

For $10 do I get to pick my random shirt?

yea this happened in the past, they will drop the price.