Random Shirt

But I want a blurry question mark shirt!

when are you going to print a blurry ques… oh wait

I’ll be pissed if a blury t-shirt makes one of my 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww boo and here I thought it was going to be another blurry question mark t-shirt since I missed it last time.

Where’s that list of possible randoms? :smiley:

My heart is filled with the purest, most awe-inspired joy EVER! Woot, you know how to put a smile on my face :slight_smile:

Dang you, Woot! I wish you were selling a blurry question mark shirt. I am sorry I missed it on April 1, but just assumed it was another random shirt. But I guess in the end you reminded me why I need to read things thoroughly.

“random shirts” not The “Random Shirts” Shirts…wait now i’m confused…what am i commenting on again…oh right this is on a random shirt, not the random shirt that is imaged!

My girlfriend wanted 3 so no shirts for me :’(

Are you sure it’s not a blurry question mark shirt?

I like the new Random Shirt write-up! Not a single jerk-face in the whole thing :wink:

In for my 3… please don’t burn me woot! I know I just got 3 shirts off you for 10$, thanks for the 10$ April 1st code :slight_smile:

So many shirts in the mail right now. What are the chances that one of your randoms will be one of the fuzzy question marks?

It’s still for sale.


In for 1, with express shipping.

Thanks to the 10$ coupon thing from the 1st

I love Random Shirt day! It’s way better than Rex Manning Day.

In for 3 Mediums!

Yes, they are selling a blurry question mark shirt HERE: http://shirt.woot.com/friends.aspx?k=13215

Don’t forget, you can still grab the Random Shirt Shirt if you missed it the first time around.