Random Shirt


I would like to thank woot for waiting until I was not traveling to sell random shirts! I will love you forever!

Remember this easy rule: ABT.


The rule is always buy three.

Random randoms randoms! So many randoms! Should I get some more? I got three last time and they were sort of meh… but maybe they’ll be good this time.

PS I would also like to thank woot for the $5 off code from the May randoms. I always buy three anyway, so you don’t have to do anything nice for me.

Just cheap enough (JCE is the mostly broke + only buying 1 corollary of the ABT rule)

Happy 4th of July wooters! Randoms definitely give me something extra to celebrate today!!

I just commented this morning how I wanted another random sale… I must have ESPN, or maybe it’s Fox Sports.

“…angry honey badger…” Hee hee. Sounds like a good band name. Or a shirt. Can I get an angry honey badger shirt?

In reference to the ABT rule… I assume they are three different shirts?

Don’t hit me! ducks

First time buying three :smiley: I wanted a random so bad :smiley: can’t wait!

Becuase of yall i just bought 3!! I love woot shirts and i hope i get cool ones! any1 else done the random woot shirt and had good experiences? please share!

I’d like to play the game of “What woot shirt will I get,” but I spent my fun money budget on fireworks.

Happy Fourth of July Woot!

Three for me… three for my little brother… Regardless, I’m excited.

Is it just me, or does it seem like you get better shirts when you get overnight shipping?

Yes, although I guess technically you could randomly get three of the same shirt. That would be a bummer.

I’ve never heard of that happening, though, so buy three. I just did so you should, too.

In for three with May code. I’ve never gotten more than one of the same shirt in a package and I don’t know why they’d start now, unless they’re snorting fireworks residue.

Crosses fingers

I’m hoping to add to my collection of 3 Woot Exclamation Point tees from random shirt sales.