Random Shirt

In a bizarre twist, I’m actually wearing my ‘Random shirt Shirt.’ Neat!

Woo hoo! Here come the randoms… Time for
TeeTrade.org to get its moment in the sun again!

I’m in! But then again, it may only exacerbate my gambling problem.

Hooray! In for 3, as per usual.

I spot a previous wooting!

Oh. Wait a sec…

I’m insensed that I’m unable to buy the fuzzy questionmark t-shirt… Maybe if I get a RANDOM shirt that will be the one that comes!

Wow… I was just about to shut down my computer and then I thought…maybe I should wait ten more minutes… what if it happens to be a random day? And then it is!

Random Shirts from Woot is the greatest thing since sliced bread…mmm delicious sliced bread.

And for those who will inevitably ask the question.


The last random shirt was apparently on April 5th, so anything that’s been reckoned between then and now is your most likely bet for your prize.

last time I got 1. this time I got 3! coolio!

Can the destination be random? Like, if I say Colorado, what are the chances I get the shirt? What about Beijing?

I always forget, then hesitate. If you order 3, are you getting three different designs?

Apparently, the random shirt shirt is still for sale

I got 3…bring em on! Rush Shipping!

I bet they are going to dip into the Cream bin for this one. I should have got the blurry Question Mark shirt on April Fool’s.

Ugh Woot, quit stealing all my money :frowning:

Damnit I knew it was going to be “Random Shirt Day” today. I ordered yesterday’s shirt and two today. I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to my mom. Oh well, its worth it.

You still can.

the people who ordered more then 1 before got different designs.