Random Shirt

ooo the ominous 6.66 price intrigues me
will my shirt come possessed by something?

Wow… I’m just… wow… And I really liked a lot of Kemble’s other work, too.


what was the issue on todays shirt?

Over in the shirt of the day thread, it became very obvious that the Kool Aid Man comics were used very liberally in order to generate the shirt. I didn’t closely peruse it so I’m not sure if it was Three Cheers for Broccoli, World Nom-ination, or something inbetween.

looks like the kool aid people didn’t like your shirt…“OH NO”

And I’ll pass. I know it’s thrilling! So thrilling! to get the bag and not know what’s in it…but right now, I know what will be in it. A shirt I have, or a shirt I don’t want (I’ve been buying everything I like lately…of course, it looks like my personal stylist is CMDixon, but hey!)

I warned you about saying that didn’t I?

If you look at the secondary characters of the coffee tee, you can see they were directly copied.

Bag of shirt? Shirt of crap? All I know is that I am LIVING ON THE EDGE.

I didn’t drink the Kool-Aid and fall for the idea that “Coffee Man” was original art work.

Woot rewards my patience with random t’s that I will happily buy!

In for two!

For these random t-shirt sales woot should totally put “planet earth” as the hometown of the designer. That way they have their bases covered and can give credit to everyone.

It’s not a shame, it’s woots fault. they( Kemble & Patterson)submited and shirt of low caliber because they knew woot doesn’t check. BUT!!! they must not have known that we do. or maybe they did.

So, if i get a shirt that i already have, what happens then?

I LOVE RANDOM SHIRT SALES. :slight_smile: Sad that I missed out on the last one so I bought three this time.

Hopefully, people will learn that those of us on the woot forums are NOT stupid and that we DO do our homework. During the derbies, we have more time to suss out the source material for copied shirts. But unoriginal work will be exposed eventually.

This has been happening since early on in the derbies. It’s just a shame that people do not learn from other’s experiences.

I thought I was going crazy for a second… pulled the ol’ switcheroo, eh?

I still wear my actual giant gold question mark shirt with pride.

It’s seriously one of my favorite shirts.

This is the first random shirt I’ve had the chance to buy - if I order more than one, what are the chances of receiving different shirts? I like a gamble as much as the next wooter, bit don’t really want two or three of the same design…

I want to know what makes woot so busy that “they” can’t “suss out the source material for any given shirt” before it gets to the buy page?