Random Shirt

As far as I am aware it is completely random, ie, as much chance of three the same as three different.

However there is normally a ‘swapsies’ thread on the forums to exchange with your woot brethren and sistren to get different shirts.

Realistically, Woot can’t check every possible source. However, there are a huge number of Wooters who will blow the whistle when situations like this come up.

Either I got 3 cool new T’s or I got 3 Christmas gifts for under $7 each (or some combination of the two).

It’s not a question of busy, it’s a question of not really caring, I guess.

I still argue that there was a huge hint that they could have picked up on: the fact that kool-aid man isn’t the property of either artist in the collab.

You can’t catch everything. Every site has these issues at least once (though some don’t care enough to rectify the issue once it’s seen). but when something is suspicious… the user’s history being patchy, or the content of the design not being their own, whether it is a photo or intellectual property of someone else, for examples… there should be investigation forthwith, or else a full scale avoidance. I really don’t think that’s unreasonable.

I’m gonna get 3. Here’s my logic:

If the last round of Random Shirts was relatively recent (it was a mere month ago), and it sold out, that should mean that everything they really wanted to get rid of is already gone; and all that’s left are GOOD shirts that people are still buying by choice.

I’m sure someone will point out the many flaws in my thinking. I’ll just tell you in advance to lighten the hell up. :slight_smile:

I’ve never in all my randoms gotten three of the same. It’s a rarity for anyone, unless you’re getting multiple sizes - but if you’re getting multiple sizes, they’re not all for you anyway, eh?

You said do do

then you will be twice as powerful…twice as deadly

i was pretty upset that i missed the last one. now, i can finally forgive. in for 3.

In for three. This is my first time buying the random shirts. Wish me luck and no heather gray!

crap, woot would pull a random shirt on me, when i’m not working and thus no paycheck to feed my woot habit

I want a shirt with a GOOOOOOOOOOOLDEN question mark. Word on the street is question marks are cheap.

A random shirt on today of all days? It’s my birthday, and I wanted something I KNEW I had to buy.

Did I jinx it by wearing my plaid-apus shirt from Threadless?

I missed the excitement, someone confused parody with tracing?

In for two randoms!

…today’s random shirt offering is brought to you by Coffee Man. Smashing through the walls of good taste…

Like Kool-Aid…
don’t drink coffee…
But I Loves Me some Random Shirts!
in for 3…

I kind of figured they would do random as it is a holiday and the woot workers were probably going to take the day off.

In for three! Especially since I missed that insane short-timed one, and I was crying & crying.

First time I did 3 random, I got 2 good shirts.


Favorite Flavor: Purplesaurus Rex

Learned from my mistake the last (my first) random shirt day so… totally in for three.

Just really hope one is Verona Apothecary or Sakura Samurai. Would have bought them day one if I was a member back then.

Either gift it, try to resell it, or trade it for another woot shirt you don’t have. :slight_smile:

I want to buy one - OK, I want to buy more than one. But I can’t. The 6.66 keeps me away. I made it through 10.10.10 - and well, I don’t want to risk it again today. Can I get a $5.55??