Random Shirt

Well this is completely random.

Limited to one again?

Hopefully something didn’t break again.

Because nothing says “I care” like saying “I bought you a random shirt that wont arrive until about 3 days after Christmas”

If I use my $10 off coupon does that mean Woot will pay me $3.34 back?

and now for something completely different: a man with three arms…

Dang, one again? I am filled with love and hate simultaneously.

only one??? Where’s the fun in that???

limited to 1 again? … last time i jumped the gun and got one, and later saw that you could get 3…

You mean 3 weeks after Christmas

Grrrrrr Come On Woot! i want 333333333 or just 3 LOL! i am waiting tell they fix it this time. i only got one last time cuz i was to quick on my bye button!

Woot we need 3 for the Christmas cheer to come apon me!

wish woot/amazon would take requests…btw is it supposed to be a secret amazon owns woot?

Do you get one shirt or three?

“Ack - the t-shirt printer went nuts and ruined the whole batch, what do we do? We go live in 10 minutes!”

“What about this box?”

“Its full of old t-shirts we use for cleaning rags.”


I predict a sellout before 2 a.m.

They actually sold a blurry ? shirt didn’t they? Anyone have a pic?

Awesome, Random Shirt!!!
Wait, no! Limited to one - not awesome… only semi-awesome.

Just kidding, one random is awesome, three randoms are triple awesome. So awesome.

1, unless they change it like they did last time when a few hours later you could get 3…

I can see Christmas day now…

Dad:“Go on son, open your gift…”

Son:“Oh gee dad it’s a shirt.woot bag! What tee did you get me???”

Dad:“um… we get to choose? I just bought on that random night…”

Son opening bag, face falls
Son:“um… yeah… so… what ELSE did you get me for Christmas?”

No, woot announced it and then sold an E-reader the next day.