Random Shirt



You guys know the drill…

Always Buy Three,
(if anvil shirts is your thing i guess)


Oh, thank goodness. I’ve been craving randoms for over a week now.


On Monday, is this some holiday I don’t know about?


Too bad they don’t sell this shirt anymore.


bought three didnt even think bout it


darn, I would get a kick out of getting a shirt on fire. Guess that couldn’t get sent through the mail though…


Just a reminder: ALL sizes (men’s, women’s, and kids’) are on Anvil blanks.


might get 3 for my kids. the anvils haven’t really worked out for me tho.


Roll the dice! You know you want to~


I have not tried them. What seems to be wrong with them?


Would love to just get 3 randoms but TOO afraid that I’ll get the Russian Nesting Doll shirt…Sorry gonna pass…:persevere:


Not enough forum space to tell you what is wrong with the new blanks.


Waaaiit a minute here… is this one of those things where I can’t see the shirt but everyone is telling me how great I look, and I don’t want to look dumb?? I’ve heard this one before. I’ll save the 6 bucks and just walk around with no shirt. Trick’s on you, Woot… Trick’s on you.

(ordered two)


So guaranteeing not selling shirts that are on fire. Wait… is that what happened to Big Tex?


In the men’s sizes, the neck holes tend to be very large, and the shirts shrink about 3 inches if you put them in the dryer. After a few washes, the shirts look worn out and misshaped. They don’t hold up anywhere near as well as AA shirts do.


Looks like all Anvil shirts this time. That takes away the impulse buy. I’ll have to sleep on the idea of whether or not I want to buy three shirts that are guaranteed to shrink to the point of being nearly too short to tuck in, have extra-extra large neck holes, and not be as soft and comfortable as the old shirts. Just sayin’.


I will cry if I receive a shirt I already own.

But at least I’ll get a shirt that isn’t on fire.


The men’s sizes are shorter than before. If you order women’s sizes go a size or two down from your previous AA size.

I have not looked at the children’s sizes, but everything I read about them says don’t bother. Unless your child is shaped like ET.


I would like a shirt that eats other shirts. Except by the time it arrived, it would have eaten the other shirts in the shipment, and then I’d have to write and complain to service about it.