Random Shirt

All together now: “Always buy three!”

Definitely worth picking up three. If you don’t get something you like, you can always try your luck trading it at the WootStalker T-Shirt Trade Center

No more choosing between AA and Anvil? :frowning:

…but why can’t I have a white t-shirt with a big yellow question mark on it?

Not for today’s offer, all prints for today’s RANDOM sale are printed on Anvil.

The link in the description:

does not work.

I suspect the intent is to link to:

Gracias! Thanks for finding the broken link.

If I’m guaranteed to get poor quality shirts I won’t even consider buying random high quality imaging.

Most people when declining an offer would say sorry, but I’m not sorry. High quality or no quality!

I’m almost wanting to buy one just because of the price. I’m going to pass because the shirts are just too thin. Wish they offered a beefy tee option.

Been a long time since the previous random - last December 26th!
In for 3!

I don’t know how necessary three shirts are, as with the moving on of Jumbowoot there is not even the vaguest possibility of a coupon code, but I’ve always bought three and I will buy three forever. Barring the unforeseen. Let’s say, I hope to be able to buy three, forever. And then one day I will post hundreds of shirts on wootstalker’s tee trade page.

Just bought three.

They have had the random shirt shirt for sale before- got my brother one for Christmas :slight_smile:

I just cleaned out my drawers from all the t-shirts that I don’t wear, will never wear. I still have a bunch left. This is better left as a young man’s game.

Protip: Old t-shirts may be stitched together to make a very cozy quilt/comforter.

I just started cleaning out my closet of the Non-Woot shirts, my closet will become nothing but Woot and plain colors.

Does Anyone have an idea of what we could see in this Random set?

I’ve done this and have never been disappointed! Going to have to pass this one up this time though because I want American Apparel shirts only

Will continue to buy random shirts until the Woot Gods smile and send me a Krampus shirt.

I was wondering how you can tell the difference between an american apparel and an anvil shirt? I have a few shirts that say made in the USA from american apparel, so is it safe to assume that the anvil ones don’t say anything?