Random Shirts Discontinued?

I haven’t seen the random/grab bag shirts in a while. Am I missing them or did they stop? My stepsons love getting the shipping bag not knowing what’s inside. :slight_smile: This has been part of their birthday gift from me going on a decade.

Geesh, I can’t remember the last time they did that. I had forgotten all about it. I think they stick shirts in BOC, more frequently now.

Since we’ve moved to a print-on-demand system (e.g. print to order), we don’t have the great number of leftover shirts that we used to with screen printing.

I’m bummed…the boys will be crushed. :frowning:

Thanks for letting me know.

Awww. I’ve bought quite a few over the years for the kids and accidentally ordered a few sizes large the last time. So its been a while since I have seeked out the random shirt packs. Now my older kid has outgrown them all and I’m kinda bummed!

Fwiw: My last random shirt purchase was Thanksgiving 2016. Though, I guess this doesn’t mean much of anything.