Random Shirts Sold To You Specifically

I’ve had pretty good success with the random printed shirts, but not so much with the random blanks. Couldn’t even find a taker for the 2 fluorescent orange shirts and one powder puff baby blue shirt. If I can’t even get 3 different colors in one order, I’m going to pass on that risk.

Seeing how this time they’re Anvil blanks and not remaining AA stock from a year ago (or older), I would have to guess that they will be different colors.

Not that I’ll be buying any … but any shirt.woot regular knows why.

I have only purchased random shirts once, but what do you mean when you say any regular shirt.woot regular would know why you aren’t buying any?

I had really great luck with my random shirts last time. I bought 3 sets this time. Though the last time they had random shirts, it was in a 3 pack… Anybody know if they still do 3 packs, or if now its only 2?

Narf doesn’t like the non-American Apparel blanks (and for all the right reasons).

Personally, I find that all of the blanks are lacking in quality. I’m tall and thin, and the shirts are short wasted and for someone much wider than myself. If they offered tall sizes, I’d probably buy more often.

I’ve only purchased a hoodie since the changeover to Anvil and I feel dirty when I wear it.

Given the way Dov Charney sexually harasses every employee he has, I’d rather wear anything but AA. The company is flat-out gross and I won’t support them. I’m surprised people still do.

There are plenty of companies out there that make equally high quality non-sweatshop t-shirts without having the CEO constantly running around in his underwear asking female employees to do simulate sexual favors.

I don’t really follow much, but I always see comments complaining about the shift away from American Apparel. But I’ve never seen the explanation, its just a wink from a conversation from a year ago.

I get that the company pays good wages, makes some things in America. But I was always under the impression (and I can’t find links right now), that the owner was pretty sleazy.

The section about sexual harassment lawsuits says they were dismissed or settled, but still.

Maybe my stout frame just fits the Anvil’s fine, I don’t know.

I guess I’m either not picky, or apathetic. My shirt checklist goes like this:

Does it cover me? Yep.
Have an interesting design that garners comments from complete strangers, when they see the epic shirtness I am wearing? Yep.

Ok, in for 3! (In this case two sets of two).

Sorry for not picking sides, I’m simple folk. What can I say?

What if I don’t want to spend money on something that I might not like, but am still curious as to what it is? Could I return it if I don’t like it?

The fleece hoodie blanks are manufactured by Gildan. The lightweight hoodie blank is manufactured by Alternative Apparel.

Hence, the term “random”. Some have had great luck, some not so much. It could be anything from the back catalog, though mostly, they’ll be shirts from within the past 6 months.

Woot has a zero return policy.

For reference, see the following threads:
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To everyone - you’ll find a wider range of randoms at the shirt.woot random sale. The long sleeves, v-neck tees, unisex tank tops, and tri-blend tank tops use American Apparel blanks. The pullover and zip-up hoodies are Gildan blanks. The lightweight zip-up hoodie is an Alternative Apparel blank.

I like the idea of surprises but when it comes to something I will wear, I like to have some say lol. Besides, I check the shirt site daily and any that I actually like, I buy. So “getting lucky” with random would just mean a double of one I like. Any others would be shirts I already passed on…even if cheaper.

“We’ve got to get you interested in shirt.woot somehow”

I think the graphic tee target audience is just too limited. Style-wise, it’s pretty unfashionable to wear graphic tees past around 25. Short of selling shirts other than tees (which would just mean reselling a la the other woot pages) I suppose the solution is to attract more college kids to the site. Quick, make jokes about boobs!

Speak for yourself. (Though, to be fair, I wasn’t a t-shirt kind of girl before woot, and now that they switched, I’m not much of a tshirt buyer anymore.) Back on point - “style wise” is silly. If you enjoy wearing it and it fits, wear it. If you look creepy, reconsider.

Good thing I don’t care about being stylish. Way over 25 and still wearing graphic tees.

he’s a vile, disgusting man.

Just to clarify, my problem is with the blanks. Since I have a son and daughter who wear the same size, I buy the 3 packs of PRINTED shirts because the odds are good that there will be a taker (with a few exceptions).

The only time I got blanks, I got 2 of a horrible orange color, and 1 ugly baby blue. Neither of my kids wanted anything to do with any of them. The problem is worse when you don’t even get 3 different colors.

Apply black marker to orange shirt in jack-0-latern pattern, and BLAM! Insta-halloween costume. Like-wsie for the trendier child, cut a mouth sized hole in shirt. Insert lips through hole - instant The Annoying Orange costume.

Yeah, OK orange is only good a day a year. I see your point.

Oh, I’m pretty sure it’s only the hot ones. Problem solved!