Random Shirts & Such!

Do the 2XL long sleeve T’s run larger or smaller than the short sleeve? Might order some but hate them to be tight.

Sigh…everytime I see a random sale I’m excited to click and see if they are offering totes. I am then turned into a sad panda when they are always sold out…one day random tote you will be mine!

I know it’s all about random - but is there a list of the possible colors you can get from the random blanks? Granted I’d probably wear just about any color, but the better chance I’d get a color I’d like, the more I’d want to buy them!

Random = random

In my experience, the long sleeve t’s are pretty close to the regular t’s, if not a tad roomier. I order the same size and am happy! The lightweight hoodies on the other hand do run small. If you are a 2xer, don’t order it. I’m an xl, and order 2xl,and it’s a bit snug. I order 2xl regular hoodies and love the extra room.

Thanks for the heads up on the hoodies! I was tempted to buy one or two but didn’t want to chance it not being roomy enough! I’ll stick to my tshirts.

Got my shirts in and…What are the chances for already getting a previous design from a previous random!!

Also anyone order a tote? Did not receive it in the package with the shirts.

If you’re missing parts of your order, please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at support@woot.com and let them know. They’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have and help remedy the situation.

Got my T-Shirts today. Was surprised that one of them said “@$$” That was it, nothing else on it. I thought the shirts were all from Shirt Woot.

I too have the ASS shirt! There was an employee based tshirt contest a little while back. Our very own @agingdragqueen was ‘behind’ the ASS-ery. I only wish it were printed on a hat. :slight_smile: