Random Shirts


I’m feeling lucky… come on woot, gimme something good.


still don’t like the idea here, sorry.


Random shirt day?! I’ll have to think about it.


Never tried these before…suggestions?


Of course, in for 3.


Is it one or multiple shirts?


I don’t like being randomly disappointed. Perhaps I just won’t risk it.


Not this time. I bought the ones I wanted.


they should have listed the ‘choices’…like last time


In for one overnighted…


I was wondering when another one of these would come. :slight_smile:

Too bad I think I have way too many shirts right now.


do you get 3 different ones or 3 of the same?


Do we know what dates the shirts are from?


In for three – I had a hunch that we were going to have Random Shirt Day soon… :stuck_out_tongue:


wee! this was fun last time, so I’m definitely doing it again.

Only in for 1, though, because I don’t need that many shirts, no matter how cheap they are.


Get in quick before your size sells out.


Question mark shirt would be awesome!!
But, a mystery shirt? No thanks. If I like a shirt, i get it. If I dont like one, I dont get it, and there are an awful lot that are ugly.


I’m still looking to buy a Crows shirt preferably in men’s medium (they were unpopular and reckoned away almost immediately). If someone gets one from this randomness and doesn’t want it, let me know.


Most the shirts on shirt.woot don’t settle with my taste, let alone the ones that didn’t sell out.