Random Standard Printed Tee

Teach me not to check woot until I get to work :confused:

If we get more than one, will they all be the same?

I’m not staff, so I have no idea how it’s being packed/shipped this time around. In the past, they were prepackaged, so randoms were NOT guaranteed to always be different.

IMHO, at this price, there’s little downside to purchasing 3. You can always trade or sell what you dislike afterwards too.

They are packaged in opaque bags, so there’s no guarantee that there will not be duplicates. Such is the nature of randoms.

Does anyone know when these will ship? I assume soon since the sale just ended…

The earliest orders have shipped out already.

I received mine today. Santa shirt I don’t believe in you. An owl inside an owl and one with spices saying hi, how are you, ect. (Need to look that one up? 6 bucks not bad. I will probably wear the owl one a couple times and get 6 bucks out of it. Thanks Woot!

I received three that I ordered today, all different; one is a powder blue with a narwhal popping out of water and a person peeking out of a tent that says “In Tents and Porpoises”. Pretty stellar if you ask me. Another is black with a giant rainbow colored 20-sided die outline that makes it look kinda like a tesseract and the last is a light light grey (almost white) shirt with a Deadpool doll sitting on the ground being sliced up. Not sure what that’s referencing, but it’s Deadpool so it’s automatically cool. Overall, for $11.66 (after tax and shipping) I’m pleasantly surprised, pleased and impressed with the shirts. Good quality material and print jobs as well.

I got the ones I ordered. all three of them were exactly the same. Un-be-f*****g-lievable. Couldn’t have just two duplicates out of the three…nope…I got three for three.

if only I had that kind of luck in the lottery…

What size/design?

2X called Space Racing Stripes


Space Racing Stripes](http://shirt.woot.com/offers/space-racing-stripes?ref=vmod)

Over 10k sold – definitely one of the more popular designs here; I have two copies myself. So it’d probably be an easy trade for something else.

Got mine! Two were the same though so I am really disappointed about that. One was Nanas and Batman and the other two were a Smart Donkey.

Wow. Got my set of standard and all three are the exact same. I am really disappointed too. Even worse, I don’t think that I will even wear the print. The least they could do is try to vary them. My three AA shirts had two of the same as well. :frowning: So far I am not having very good luck and will probably not do this again.

I got three. Fantastic shirt, but sadly all three the same. So basically my $2 shirt is now a $6 shirt.

I also got 3 of the same shirt! Booooo! :frowning: It’s a brown shirt with Cookie Monster at the Keebler elf tree. First time I’ve ever gotten duplicates.

What size and designs did you get?

Same - What size and design?


Breaking and Entering](http://shirt.woot.com/offers/breaking-and-entering?ref=vmod)

What size?

(Only asking, as other Wooters may be interested in trading.)

2 sets of three

2 duplicates in each ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Ugh 3 of the same design in the same size. So pretty much just managed one shirt to wear. For $12. I could have done that at Walmart.I think I’ll stick to daily or derby sales.