Random Sticker 10-Pack


My family LOVES these. Hardest part is deciding who gets what.

You should have gotten my last set. Two packs, two of each design. Makes it easy to divide.

Same cost as a BOC. I feel that I would rather this than some of the BOC loots I have seen over my woot lifetime :slight_smile:

I missed these. The thumbnail has different and new stickers compared to the sale image. Is there a third set of stickers now? I must keep watch on side sales for them.

I missed them too. I hope it’s a 3rd set. I’m excited about Donut Panic.

I’m so bummed I missed these. It’s all but impossible to stay up all night during a WOOT-OFF just “in case” the stickers come up. I really hope they do these again, especially if it is a new / third set.

Please, woot! put these up for sale outside of the WOOT-OFF!