Random Sticker 10-Pack

Here’s the stickers we’ve been waiting on! I better get Coffee Right Meow and Empire Bowl.

How big are the stickers?

In for another 10-pack! If you don’t like what you get, there’s always the Sticker Trade Thread.

Actual sizes vary since they’re die-cut into different shapes. But if you want to ballpark it, on average maybe 4 x 4 in.

Boooo I just woke up… I missed.

Ahhh just missed it! Hopefully it’ll repeat on a side sale tonight/tomorrow. Officemate ordered 2 packs, so there’s that hope as well.

I’ll order a few if they appear in side sale and I’m quick enough to get them before they sell out. Woot always has the things I want at the times I’m not watching, like when I’m sleeping or driving. Silly Woot!

Ordered these during the woot-off on May 20th. Haven’t received them yet. Has anyone received their stickers yet?

Have you tried using your order number as the Reference ID in the ‘Track by Reference’ feature on FedEx or UPS’ websites?

If you still don’t find any information, please email your order details to support@woot.com. CS can check into what’s going on.

I haven’t received mine either and tracking by reference didn’t work. Sadly, the last pack of stickers I ordered didn’t ship for more than two weeks after I bought them. Shortly, I’ll be paying my credit card bill for the woot items before I ever get my items.

Most our Shirt.Woot-Off items (and the subsequent Plus sale it created) should be shipping by 6/4- hopefully we’ll have tracking numbers out to you guys ASAP. Feel free to email into support@woot.com if you still hear nothing by the end of the week.