Random Sticker 10-Pack

I got me some!!! Yay Woot! stickers! And I used my coupon from TT. Thanks TT!

last time this was offered i thought id give it a go since its hard to resist randoms here at shirt.woot… NEVER again will i waste my money on another random sticker pack after receiving 4 stickers of one shirt design and 6 stickers of a walking tshirt with the words shirt woot underneath. total misrepresentation there since it wasnt even a shirt design! and id been so excited for them to arrive too!!

I’m thinking and hoping that woot has learned from that mistake and I have confidence that won’t happen again.

Edit: And it has always been better to order early in the round of stickers. Ordering later when there’s less stock left leaves you with the crap.

Who wants to bet that I’ll actually receive this set, and not have to get a full refund due to there being no more sets to give?

I’m sure you’ll get them this time. Good luck!

Ummmm. Stickers != Shirt

I’m super confident that the 40 random stickers I bought will be fabulous :slight_smile:

If not, sucks for the person who gets stuck (literally) with all the sh*tty ones!

Seriously though, don’t you guys know about ordering random stuff on shirt.woot? ALWAYS ORDER AT LEAST 3.

Since they have decided that 15 is a nice number for a set of stickers, it makes sense to order 3 sets of 10, because that means you get two of each design on average, assuming that they produced equal numbers of each of the 15 designs. One to keep, one to trade. Probability is fun!!!

I’m just crossing my fingers that this set is what’s pictured. If I get a third set of “read a book” and “it’s a finger trap”…I won’t be fun to be around for a few days.

since that order was only last month, im not taking any chances :wink: ill stick with the random shirts and journals instead, you cant go wrong on those!!

Well, since they dumped the shirt.woot stickers on everyone, maybe they are out of all the older stickers and left with nothing but Round 4 to ship out now? One can only hope. Although I would love it if they could find some other Round 1 stickers to include.

SHORTMAN, I dig your style. The probability of cool stickers is on our side :slight_smile:

May the Force be with us? (and also with you!)

Now that we have stickers out of the way, again, let’s see some decent tank tops, to finish the night.

The Force is with us for sure, I just know it!!!

I’ve been wanting a tank, but have yet to find one with a design I want.

I got word from Admiral Ackbar that we’re a “go” SHORTMAN, it’s not a trap.

I missed them in the Woot-off, but snagged a few packs tonight! I agree that 3 packs seems like the magic number… assuming that they don’t send you 3 identical packs of 10 like they sent me in round two! :frowning:

But most of the fun with Woot stickers happens in the sticker trade thread, so there’s something to look forward to in June! I still have tons of earlier stickers to trade, so for those of you unhappy with your assortment from the random-random round… let us help you flesh out your collection!

got my stickers today. much better packaging this time around; well done woot.