Random Sticker 10-Pack

Got my stickers! Now crossing my fingers and toes that the Disapproving Narwhal finds his way into the mix.
God, I love that grumpy fish.

Got 2 sets. I don’t know what to expect, there’s new ones, there’s old ones. Maybe it will really be random.

Woohoo! Don’t forget to visit the sticker trade thread when your order comes in!

P.S. Dear warehouse, please bag these up like the last batch so they’re nice and organized and we all get a good assortment. <3

Can you tell me how big these stickers are? 10 the size of a postage stamp sound like a rip-off, 10 the size of my hand sound GREAT.

They vary in size, but historically, most are a few inches along an edge. The Energy Efficient sticker in this batch is the only one that I know is smaller than that.

If you missed them just now in the shirt-off, I assume they’ll be in a side sale tonight or tomorrow morning.

Looks like my order from the June 24 woot off is out for delivery today. Got my fingers crossed that things will be different from the last time I ordered the stickers. (One envelope consisted of 80% shirt.woot smiling shirt stickers. To be fair, I was not promised a variety, just that it would be random.)

I ordered too many stickers, I got a bunch of duplicates, majority of the stickers were the ones in the picture. This was a waste, I only like a few of them.