Random Sticker 10-Pack

How many different stickers are there?

Approximately how big are the stickers?

I love the Vader/Atari logo. Nice job Woot!

Of course I missed this. :frowning: I went to bed right before this came up.

It’s back up with a lower quantity limit.


Did anyone get theirs yet? Or a shipping notification?

Still none on either for me.


Hey Mark! Sorry, I’m honestly not sure why yours hasn’t shipped yet, can you please email into support@woot.com? Hopefully they can prod the right people.

Haven’t received anything yet either. :frowning:

Haven’t received any shipping notifications nor the package itself ;- ;

I’m in the same boat. Contacted customer service a week ago, they told me to contact them again yesterday, I did and haven’t heard back since. What the heck is going on with woot lately?

I’m really sorry about that, we are answering people within two business days at this time, so hopefully you’ll hear back pretty soon.

So I only just got my shipping notification. Any word on why there was such a delay?

I’m not too worried, just a bit frustrated with how they said they would ship around a certain day and we are coming up to 10 days past it. I also just got confirmation that my 2-pack of random shirts just shipped, which I placed 7 days after I purchased this deal…

Guys- I emailed the shirt crew last night. They’re looking into what went wrong. I’m really sorry for the frustration and late shipping.

Are we still behind on these? I’m yet to hear anything…

Sorry about that. Please email support@woot.com for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Just got a confirmation that they shipped :3

Gives me a tracking number, but it does not exist through FedEx (the link it sends me to)…

… o- o