Random Stuff

They’re going to ship out yesterday? Cool! :slight_smile: Now that’s what I call service!

Random totes sold out in10 mins. Wow like a boc. Only 1 for sale.

The Random totes are shown to be “sold out”, yet there are no sales shown. Must be some kind of random glitch.

edit: now it is showing sales for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Back to the future indeed!

Darn, no sleeveless this time? Was hoping to pick a few up for summer.

I was able to order 3 totes…hoping for a Fresh Cake tote–or 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad I ordered the Random Apron early this time, been eying it for a while, and it always sells out by the time I wake up.

We had a small number of those available and they are indeed sold out.

Been wootin’ since 09… just bought my first random! I AM EXCITE!!!