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$90 for a first-generation Kindle Fire tablet? And it’s refurbished? I don’t think so. For only $50 more, you can get a brand-new third-generation tablet that’s much smaller, lighter, and faster, with a much better display and sound, along with the latest software.

It’s also worth noting that this is what Amazon is currently offering these refurbished models for, so this isn’t exactly a deal.

Wow, 4% off an iPad! I can hardly afford not to take advantage of such a great deal.

So why would you want an iPad 4 for the price of an iPad Air? A few stores sell them at this price…

The Apple refurb store has this Nano for $99, with a one year warranty vs. this one with the 90 day warranty.

You can get a brand new 4th gen ipad at wal mart for less. Makes no sense.

you can get a refurbished IPAD from apple, with the same warranty as new… free shipping and save $100+ or get one with more memory. Back to the apple site for this kid

You got a link to that, chum?

Edit: I couldn’t find it on your precious apple site, but I did find the exact model on Amazon in new condition and cheaper.

[Refurbished iPad with Retina display Wi-Fi 16GB - Black (4th generation)


Refurbished iPod nano 16GB - (7th generation) - $99

any word on if that jukebox is junk or not? trying to research it a little to no avail

Whoo look at those prices… just a matter of time before woot just starts linking straight to amazon.