Check out the Wootstalker Tee Trade site, to swap your unwanted randoms

In for four. Love the random.

Ooh, randomonium

I bought a handful of the Sept tees on 9/7 and am still waiting on delivery of two of them. Overall, I’ve been underwhelmed with shirtwoot’s choices over the past year or so and would not chance randoms.

Will the randoms be printed on AA tees or others? Brand affects sizing.

UPDATE: Pricing has been changed to $8 for the 2/PK and $10 for the 3/PK

If you have already ordered at the previous price you should receive an email later this morning and a refund to reflect the price change.

These randoms are all on our Standard brand (Anvil). =^_^=

What ever happened to the three adult randoms? Will that deal (on AA) come back?

Sorry for the extra work, but happy to get a refund. Thanks, Rogetray.

Grrr, but cat smiley = catshirts, right? Fine, you win. I could probably use some more tanks anyway.

3-pack has been a long while ago. And when they amass enough stock, they’ll probably have AA randoms.

Love me some randoms, I’m in.

The randoms have been hit/miss for me. I think I’ll sit this one out. My three (yes, three) wootshirt drawers already over-floweth.

Did I miss the sizes above XL or did you not have any this time?

If it’s greyed out- we don’t have any more random packs available in that size.

Random 3 pack for my son is perfect incoming gift for his bday this week. Parenting done right.

I’m crushed. I’ve been waiting for these to go on sale for upcoming birthdays. The 2xl and large aren’t available. Nooooooooooooooo…the birthday plans are foiled.

Any chance they will be on sale again soon?

what the chance to get the most popular t-shirt? Wish to get one of them :slight_smile:

I feel like the other times that I’ve ordered random tshirts, they had free shipping. But today it wanted me to pay $5 shipping.
I have had pretty good success with the randoms in the past. In for 3.