RANDOMS! I have missed them.

Random shirts? Christmas comes early, yay!

It’s about damn time! I’ve been waiting for months for randoms. I’ve been jonesing so hard.

Not falling for this again

I don’t know if this applies to anyone else, but I take different sizes in American Apparel and Anvil.

I got trash shirts last time I fell for this. Save your money.

The two different brands fit way differently, it would be really nice if woot let you specify which size you want depending on the style, or even better yet, just have an AA option that cost like $2 more. If I knew I could get AA shirts I would order 3 packs of theses even if they were more expensive

I do too. I need to size up in Anvil so my armpits aren’t pinched and so there’s still some length left in the shirt after a wash.

For women, the sizing is waaaaaay different. I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to mix the two.

Pure random, but so far, I have been pleased.

The first one I did, results as follows:
Wrinkle, In Time
The Reason For the Season

Second one, I got these four:
The Binge
Count to Pie
Four Stripes
Security Pizza

Some I like, some I don’t, some I love. That’s the fun of a random sale.

In for 5 packs this time.
Two for myself, three for some friends for belated Christmas presents.

Woot! Staff, would it be possible to set up a community page for folks to post what shirts they got from the deal like the one you did for Backscratchers of Cambridge?

Ohhhh, the lure of the question mark calls my name. Buy me buy me buy me. Then the reality hits. Mystery “standard” shirts - yes. Mystery “AA” shirts - no way. With my luck I’ll end up with the mystery AA “muffin top/roll huggin’, in no way appropriate to be worn anywhere but underneath other clothing” shirts. Oh well, at least my wallet is very happy for this odd mish-mosh of a mystery shirt offering - lol.

I’d love to buy some random shirts, but since there’s no option to choose between AA and Anvil(shudder), I can’t. Women’s AA shirts fit great, while the same size in Anvil would be hilariously oversized and ill-proportioned on me.

I really love doing the random shirts but I won’t do it this time because there’s no option to choose between the American Apparel and Standard brands. The AA fit me poorly and I can see many other people feel the same way.

I’m surprised by all the anti-AA comments here. All my 4-5 year old Woot AA shirts are still going strong, while my 2-6 month old Anvil ones ALL have holes in the collar and/or underarm areas, and also several unraveling bottom hems. Not to mention, the AA ones are simply more flattering on me, while the Anvil ones are strangely boxy. I would buy these if they offered an AA-only option, even if it cost more.

Regardless of which side you’re on, this is obviously polarizing. Woot, can’t you just give people the choice? Even if you have to charge different prices?

“Regardless of which side you’re on, this is obviously polarizing. Woot, can’t you just give people the choice? Even if you have to charge different prices?”


Really would like some new tees, but random brands?? Hmm. . . let’s think about this. If I order my size in AA, Anvils would be ridiculously large. If I order my size in Anvil then AA will be doll-sized. No sale.

I echo the others above. I was all excited to come in and buy at least 2-3 sets, until I saw I might get some of each shirt style, and don’t know which size to order. So I’m gonna save my money and look for deals on other sites where I know what size I’m actually gonna receive.

Talk about “buying a pig in a poke” putting hard earned cash into something you have never seen (especially a T-Shirt) is pure swine! I always pass on this.

When a member of the staff says “hey I take different sizes per brand”, perhaps it’s time to rethink the sale? In the past you have allowed the option for aa or anvil at a different price. Why is this time different?

Anyone else lose their “free shipping until Christmas” early?