Did you say “two” yet?

I’ve gotten some really cool shirts during random sales but I have also gotten some pretty bad ones, it’s part of the fun.

However when I would buy them they didn’t have two different brands of shirts that fit differently.

Haven’t seen a random in a while. In for a 3 pack for my kiddo. Hopefully they will throw in something Star Wars related! Little dude hasn’t even seen the whole original trilogy yet, but still loves it.

I went for it. A pair of men’s 3x and a pair of women’s extra extra medium. I can barely squeeze into the AA shirts, so they might become comfy sleep shirts for my wife. If the women’s shirts are AA, my daughter will take 'em. If not, they’ll fit my wife perfectly. I can see a scenario here where my wife gets all four shirts.

I did this last year, and i liked the shirts, but both were Christmas designs, and I got them delivered about mid-January. So I am wearing them for the first time only now.

How are these packed? If they are pre-packed in those white bags that will result in a bunch of duplicates I might pass.

Yeah this is my main reason for passing…there were too many Christmas shirts in the bottom of the sales on the derby page…I know i would get a handful of Christmas shirts in Jan on these

I need help identifying a shirt from my order this round. I was advised by the chatters at wootstalker to request assistance from Narfcake in this task and they recommended I post here.

It shows a film movie camera with a rocket, ringed planet, cowboy on horse, airplane, and castle with lightning. The ink colors are black or dark gray, white, yellow, red or orange, and a couple of shades of gray.

I wasn’t able to find it in the Woot catalog using any of the obvious keywords and a reverse image search resulted in no matches.

I would like to know a bit more about this shirt (title, artist, etc.).

I have that shirt, I believe it was from the [Movie Crate](http://shirt.woot.com/plus/movie-crate-3). I don’t have any artist information.

I actually haven’t seen that design before!

I emailed the team to see if they can help.

Yes, it is from the Movie crate from last summer. Don’t know the name of the design, though.

The design didn’t have an official title other than the movie crate tee and the designer was Patrick Spens.
It isn’t in the Shirt catalog because we treat the crate designs and Shirt of the Month Club Designs as exclusive to that one time event.

Random for me meant Halloween. Which felt like less than random and more “let’s get rid of this crap!”

I won’t wear the shirts I got. But it was fun doing this once.

Good luck!

I got two Halloween shirts this time around - Candy Inspector and King of the Pumpkin Patch. I’ll definitely wear the former, we’ll see about the latter.

I got 5 packs this go round and I was not happy. I seriously doubt I’ll buy any more randoms. Out of 10 shirts, I got 3 Popstical Illusions and 3 Stop Global Warming. 1 of each is fine but 3 is ridiculous. 2 of the 5 packs were identical, containing 1 Popstical and 1 Global each. Very disappointing.

Are all these supposed to be random woot shirts? I think I got some that aren’t. One of them isn’t even in English and many have a little w with an umlaut above it.

Sorry, guys. Send some pics with your order info and issues to CS. They can check into things for you.

Anyone ID any of this stuff? What’s the little w umlaut thing and is that Chinese, Japanese or just gibberish?

Also, wish random meant no duplicates random. They should go back to chucking shirts in a bag, no pre packed two packs. The first woot purchase I’ve been truly unhappy with.


So the pack I ordered for my kid finally arrived and… what happened? My order was for 3 Kids size 12. Got 2 kids size 12 and one bigger that is tagged as M. Plus I’ve never even seen some of these before.

Guess this might just be my last order from Woot. Oh how far you’ve fallen.