Eventually you’ll run out of these mixed packs … right?

One thing I did back in the days after the $6.66 randoms - check out separately. That minimizes the chances of duplicates from being packed one right after another.

Given the sizing difference…does ANYONE buy mixed packs?

Hmmmm last time I got randoms I ended up with a bunch of trivia crack shirts, not woot shirts…

It’s akin to gambling.

Likewise. And a knockoff Beatles shirt. I still need to complain to CS about this (and multitude of other issues like Anvil instead of AA, wrong sizes, etc.)

The fact that I cannot choose a blank means I cannot purchase this. The sizing difference is ridiculous and I would literally throw away one brand but love the other. Sigh.

There are two shirts per pack, right?

Correct. Or three in the $10 kids pack.

I love woot shirt designs but when I finally buckled down and bought one (the pip boy dark knight flesh wound shirt) it sadly did not fit. I have a rather long torso and short legs, kinda like an orangutan, so I usually get a double X tall shirt. I got the 3 X to be safe but it is sadly a belly shirt. I wish woot offered Tall shirts too :frowning:

This junk right here ended my random shirt buying. Was burned with trash shirts and haven’t made a random buy since.

We no longer do that. There may still be some hiding in the huge gaylords of randoms but we’re no longer adding them in.

Oh us too!! We would loooove @XT and 3XT. AA are usually OK but the “standard” ones are always too short. Both guys in my family are over 6 ft and most of the height is torso length.