YAY for AA-specific randoms!

I forget, if we buy multiples in the same order does woot guarantee no dupes like they used to?

I wish my shirt neck holes wouldn’t stretch so badly in months of wearing them that I feel like I need to replenish stock every chance there is a random.

There SHOULD be no dupes in a pack. If you buy multiple packs there’s a possibility of getting duplicates since the packs are made and sealed long before being shipped and the people sending them off have no idea if one pack has the same shirt in it as another. Also, AA brand has way better neck holes than the Standard brand. Like waaaay better.

I thought that too. But the AA’s stretch just as much as the regulars for me. Which is funny because I have shirts from 5+ years back which are still fine, but AA or regular shirts now are good for about 3-6 months.

And no… I do not have some big fat Charlie Brown pumpkin head that I’m forcing through it.

I don’t recommend buying multiple packs. The last time I bought 3 packs from the same sale I got this:


Quite disappointing.

I brought this up during the previous sale:

$8 for random shirts? Am I the only old-timer missing that this use to be $5/shirt?

Yesterday’s sale price was $8 too, and we got to pick one of the Top 20 shirts!

You get 2 shirts though! But yeah, I thought the same thing when I first saw this :stuck_out_tongue:

Not old enough! They used to be $6.66 each, limit 3. I had alternate accounts just for randoms back then!

Was hoping it was a mystery shack ? Tee at first. But random is cool

I remember the $6.66 price too! Kind of hard to forget!

I figure any duplicates will make lovely holiday and/or birthday presents. :wink:

What in the world is a mystery shack? I’ve got all sorts of crazy ideas about what it might be… lol

I just hope I don’t end up with trivia crack/other popular game non-woot t-shirts like a few randoms ago

Got 10 total shirts, 4 of them were bright orange, a little disappointed this random. That’s the mystery though. No dups either.

Mine arrived today. The first is “Carl’s Pale Blue Draught,” which is quite nice. The second is fine, but I don’t know what it means. Any help appreciated.


“Mine arrived today. The first is “Carl’s Pale Blue Draught,” which is quite nice. The second is fine, but I don’t know what it means. Any help appreciated.”

Never mind: Google came through: “The Princess Bride.”

I have been buying random shirts for years and have been very happy. Sometimes I get one I don’t understand, but I usually get positive comments on it when I wear it, and somebody explains it to me. Today when my shirts arrived I was excited as usual to see what I got. Then I was actually disappointed. I got a shirt with such strong sexual innuendo that I can’t wear it. As a teacher, I would be mortified if one of my students saw me in it, so I can’t even wear it to run a quick errand. What a disappointment!