Am I the only one who hates American Apparel shirts? Give me a both-shirts-will-be-standard-brand choice and I’ll go back to compulsively ordering random shirts. Until I can be sure I’m not getting an AA shirt in the mix, I’ll be abstaining.

Does anyone wear the same size in random and AA shirts? I don’t, so I won’t be buying the mixed option, and I prefer standard fit over AA. I’d buy if they had a standard only option.

Some, perhaps. The women’s sizes are drastically different, but even as a guy, I buy a men’s large in AA but a men’s XL in standard; the way-too-short sleeves on mutant Anvils pinch my armpits.

Did you get a batch of “We Won!” shirts with a graphic oh Hillary? i/ need one to go with my bobblehead.

you know you might have a small woot shirt addiction problem when you order the random 2 pack and already have both shirts you receive! LMAO at least it’s shirts I know I like :wink:

I wanna buy but I’m tired of receiving minion shirts.

This is the second time in a row that I’ve ordered three 2-packs of random shirts and had all three 2-packs be identical (same pair of shirts in each 2-pack). At least this time they were the mediums I ordered instead of XLs…

Anyone else having this problem? Is this supposed to happen? I really have no need for 3 copies of the same shirt. As much as I love 'em, I am struggling to see myself buying any more randoms :confused:

I’m sorry. We used to have a note in the features saying that if you ordered multiples in the same size, you may get duplicates. We’re adding the note back in.

The randoms are prepacked in huge gaylord boxes so it’s a blind pick. There could be the same designs next to each other in that huge box.

I didn’t realize there might be duplicates. I wouldn’t have placed my order if I knew that to be the case.

Thanks for the reply, TT. Good to know I guess, though I wish that note had never disappeared! I don’t recall it being there on the past few Random Shirt sales.

Doubtful, but is there any way to return two of my three 2-packs? I would ask if anyone - who doesn’t already have “So Games Much Thrones Wow” and “Acquired Taste” and also wears a Medium - wants to trade shirts, but that also sounds like a lot of hassle :slight_smile:


ThunderThighs, is there any way to have my order cancelled? It hasn’t shipped yet.

You’ll need to email support@woot.com with your order info for your options, if your order was placed more than two hours ago. If the order was placed less than two hours ago, you can cancel from your account.

It also appears this may not be true for all sizes of shirts. I also ordered one 2-pack of women’s smalls for my SO. Her two shirts did not come in a pre-packed plastic bag - they came loosey-goosey, which makes it appear that they were hand-picked at some point in the process.

Thank you manhandsha, I will do that

Men or women? Anvil or AA?

I got a bunch of jelly donuts and much winter shirts. Want to trade?

Got 2 blank shirts, thought they would have designs :confused:

Oh no! I’m really sorry to hear that. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.