Methinks the blur’s the rub!

Remember on April Fool’s Day when they actually did sell a blurry question mark shirt? Those were the days…

last time I did a random shirt, and the only shirt woot I have done, I got a unicorn eating the rainbow…

My first random shirt!!!

many a risks I’ve taken in the past with randomness, buy with extreme prejudice!

Question of the night: How do YOU open your Woot delivery poly bags when they finally arrive?

The sad thing is that once you get the shirts they are not random anymore.

In for two!!!

Woo hoo! In for 1. Now the anticipation is going to kill me.

You always get three. IT’S LOGICAL.

In for 3!

Can’t wait to see what I get.

Why doesn’t the serendipity coupon code work?

first random shirt, mine also. good one i hope

First time buying random, in for three

Aww snap if I wanted a random Woot! shirt I’d close my eyes and open my closet…damn I buy too many of these things…Damn you Woot! I still can’t pass up 20 dollars for 3 shirts!

If you buy more than one, do you get two or three of the same shirt, or two or three different designs?

something about variable change right?

wait - you get three different random w00t shirts?!?!?