If Woot planned to sell them, they’re not really random, are they?

“Wait, is this an actual random shirt, or another blurry question mark?”

[checks calendar]

“Okay, still in February, good. In for three.”

It is NICE to have a non-messed-up ordering experience for the randoms.

“the number of the beast”

evil, very evil, unless you get more than one.

I bet half of the random shirts have no design, just a bunch of colored shirts.

Giving the randoms a miss this time after one I got had 2 holes in it when I received it.

It seems like such a gamble, I can’t decide.

Okay, Woot Randomizer, it’s gamblin’ time!


link to biggie gif of Stewie bouncing around like crazy

[Staff Mod: Changed to link. Kinda big to load]

Here’s a totally random picture in honor of this moment.

my only remaining gambling hobby

Well that’s just silly.

Unless of course it’s not.


I usually jump on these things (that’s what she said) but I haven’t been super happy about the shirts that have printed lately. The only one I missed out on was Boots’ Henna shirt and that can’t even be in this batch… decisions decisions…

Fingers crossed that I’ll get an Imposter.

::shakes fist::

Nooooooooooo! I just bought a shirt not minutes ago, but how can I sit out a random shirt bag?

yeehaa! 3 shirts for $15! Thank you $5 off coupon!

Second chances don’t come often in life. Take advantage of this one, people-- this is your last shot at all those post-reckoned shirts.

Last two rounds of randoms have yielded a couple GREAT shirts. Not passing these up. In for THREE. LET’S go!