Oh emm gee I LOVE Randoms! Who doesn’t?

Yay, in for three!

“Is it April 1st already? No, wait, it’s an actual random shirt! Hooray!”

This might be the randomist random I’ve ever seen. Nice!

For anyone new to this random shirt game:




Wait a sec, they’re giving us a coupon? Seriously?

Must… resist.

I just bumped my head now everything’s all blurry.

Would there be duplicates in a 3 order tho?

I just got my tax return. In for three!

Wow…too too tempting.

And the kids’ shirts are only half evil - $3.33.

If every shirt ordered reduces the size of the selection pool by one, it technically isn’t random. The only way for true randomness would be for multiple people to be able to get the same shirt.

Paid for by the Society for the Promotion of Statistical Accuracy (SPSA)

Kid sizes too?!?! Now all the 5 year-old neighbors should get in on the spontaneity!

Okay, now I’ve read the description and it’s extra exciting! Pink!

wife will be mad in a couple weeks

Not usually.

Is the writeup claiming that is what woot is doing or just prognosticating?

Only if you order different sizes. Shirts in the same size aren’t duplicated.

Damn… should have read but impulsively bought only 1… wonder if I buy two more the potential deal would still apply?