Sadly (or awesomely if you think about it) I have way too many Woot! shirts as it is. I guess I’ll hold off on going for 3… this time. Until I buy another dresser or vanity, at least.

The only three letters you need to know on random shirt day: ABT.


One will be okay, one will be pretty good, but that last one… the last one you will love, and you will wonder why you didn’t purchase it the first time around.

Wonder no more! ABT!

Whenever I see a random woot tee, I always wonder what the permalink for the ‘question mark’ tee is.


I still have ones left over from last time but I was able to trade a few of them so… IN FOR 3!

Send me good ones please, Woot!

As always… 3 PLEASE!

which each cost $6.66
for a subtotal of $19.98
plus shipping + $0.00
minus discount - $5.00
for a total of $14.98

Thank you July randoms <3

Yay! In for 3. And, hoping for question marks and exclamation points. I will use the coupon I got for buying three in July and I will enjoy the savings and hope for another coupon this time and I will weep for my overstuffed drawers.

I bought two - one for me, and one for my (almost) 12-year-old son. Hopefully, the Woot gods choose well.

I have 4 or 5 shirts from previous random offerings that I’ve not been able to off-load. Otherwise, I would have gone for three.

Don’t forget “JulyRandomSale!”

My last couple of randoms have been so good that I am really torn on whether I want to bother this time. I’m kind of stocked up on good tees because of my good luck in the last batches, and odds seem like I’d get bad ones finally this time, but… randoms are fun. I like surprises. And I could miss out on possibly finally getting like… Angry Day.

Great deal on shirt… just too bad I don’t need a shirt right now. I will be alerting all my friends about this deal though…good luck!

If I buy three that’s three steps closer to the grave for me because my wife is feeling a little ornery at all the woot shirts I have purchased lately…

Three more shirts I probably don’t need … but damnit, I can’t help it either.

Always enjoy a good Intelligent Design debate. The cotton grew and evolved into cloth, then it developed sleeves. No designer needed. :wink:

Is there a way to get a code if I never received one from buying three during the July sale?

Second…I have been safe ordering a men’s medium but does anybody think a women’s large or xl would work?

Just for clarification, all three are completely different shirts right? >_>

I’ve only done random shirt day once and it was only one shirt.

please let me get corroborating crow. In for 1!

Here is the blog.

Here is the thread.

and… HERE is the Permalink. Complete with active I Want One button. :slight_smile:

There have been so many good shirts the last couple of months, yet one could still wind up with repeats or duds. Dare I take the chance? What to do, what to do? Oh the pain of indecision!!