So, are we getting a white shirt?

In for 3 hopefully I do better than last time (reading rainbow and “sweet” skull shirt)

ABT - always buy three!

not falling for the random tee this time! There is a REASON they are the leftovers, you don’t see me eating the moldy spaghetti on the bottom shelf of the fridge. Which reminds me, I need to tell the wife to feed that to the dog…

sooooo you’re sayin I should buy three eh? wink wink

Where is the list of shirts that you may get? It will determine if I buy or not.

So does that bolded part of the writeup mean we’ll get a $5 off code if we buy 3 shirts today?

I’m so torn… I was burned the last two times I was in for Random Tees. They’re still sitting in the dresser, unworn.

Awwww yeah!.. no wait, hmmm, lots of old randoms still hanging around that I don’t want(Please click here for my Teetrade profile!) plus lots of shirts bought recently… means I might be in for three anyway.


  • “This mouse is made for clicking, and that’s just what it’ll do. One of these days this mouse is gonna click all over you…*

Well, that’s an oldie:
These Boots Are Made For Walking

I really don’t need another woot shirt. If they would quit including those this would be worth doing.

3 new dish rags for 19.98? I’m in!

This just makes me all the more happy that I actually scored a “blurry question mark shirt”, aka the Random Shirt Shirt back on April Fool’s day. It looks really odd to those that don’t get it (as in, most everyone), but it makes me smile.

And that’s all that matters to me.



I hope I get a large cheddar power


I must have one.

You know it’s not that special, right? For one thing, you can still get one, so.

Got a reading rainbow shirt last time…haven’t worn it yet, hopefully I can get something partly decent this time…

Bugger…the 5 bucks coupon from the last random expired on 10/1…and its 10/3…oh buggers

No coupon last time, no buy this time!

Free at last!

That’s the spirit!

My shirt count increased by 16 last month. October … it’s seems to be starting off … ummm, “well”.