Randomly Random Crap!

I wish I knew which round of stickers these are likely to be. I wish I could get more round 1. I’m pretty well stocked on rounds 2 and 3 now. Any chance this sale is a round 4? Or is it more of a chance to clear out the remaining round 3?

Remember, the only socks ever offered were Ugly Holiday Sweater 2009, Foot Doctor, and Power Levels. There have been several shirts whose subject matter involved socks, but only the above listed three were actually socks.

PSA - Trade your unwanted randoms at WootStalker Trade Center

Harsh woot. Harsh. Tricksie wootses.

Before sending out the random stickers, how about sending me the 4 packs of stickers that I paid for from the last side sale please?

And there is only 4 different Freakers.
Ugly Holiday Sweater 2007 Freaker
Ugly Holiday Sweater 2008 Freaker
Ugly Holiday Sweater 2009 Freaker
And last but not least, the infamous Lederhosen Freaker (May or may not be shipped in the next 3 months).

But honestly, you can’t go wrong with these four designs.

I’d be interested in what you end up getting… I hesitated on ordering the 3rd set after the 2nd set -finally- showed up… and had repeats from the first set. grr.

anyhoo… good luck! :wink:

Thanks for the heads up! I was about to order socks but the only ones I want are the power levels ones.

Dice have been rolled, fingers are crossed, needles have been stuck in eyes, daggers are sticking out of thighs, and horse manure pies are baking …

I snagged some stickers this time! They’re always sold out by the time I notice. I went for 2 sets. Now here’s hoping they are all at least different and designs I like. Those are pretty good odds considering I like all but 6 of the stickers plastered on the woot fridge.

I’m always tempted on the totes. But I have so many totes even I said I have too many.

Rolled the dice on random stickers in hopes of filling in my nearly-complete collection of the three batches released so far… or getting stickers never seen before! There’s always the sticker trade thread if I end up with 60 “What Are Those Foxes Saying?”

I’m tempted by the totes as I have only two so far, but I’m skipping the stickers this time because I have close to 600 already.

I don’t have 60 of any sticker yet, but I do have more than 20 of some of them now.

I’ve been pretty active with trading to keep my duplicates low… though if these packages are full of more of those Energy Efficient stickers, I may cry. I feel like everyone has tons of that one, and no one wants them. I just really want Gozer the Adorable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man Im in for a random $8 pullover hoodie. Please dont be cats…

Does anyone know what posters are likely to be in this random sale?

Can anyone explain the difference between the “zip hoodie” and “jersey zip hoodie”? I know there is a material content difference and the pockets look different, but is one lighter weight than the other, one that shrinks more, etc? Thank you!

I just bought my third Jersey Zip hoodie. I had no idea I’d love them as much as I do!
Jersey zip hoodies are thinner and have no lining, perfect for a cool summer or warm spring/fall day for me. I have washed mine several times and have noticed only minimal if any shrinking. They are like a t shirt with a hood. Tend to fit me better than the t shirts too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought one during a woot off event, and the second as a random sale. Hoping I get something cool this time. I enjoy the gamble.

August 2013 side sale and November 2013 side sale.