Randomly Random Shirt.Woot Crap!

Im always a sucker for these random shirts! Can’t wait to get em!

I bought a “freaker” I dunno why…mostly curiosity lol.

Oh god I just looked it up…why’d I buy a freaker lol… Oh well… hahaha.

The freaker video (messy!):


What, no randomly printed aprons?

No bacon for you.

There are on shrit.woot randomly random crap. $8 for aprons. :slight_smile:


Pretty cool idea. Get a basic idea and just turn it hipster. =P

Will these be family friendly?

Only 20% off an iPad2 case??? And I take a chance of getting one with “My Little Pony” or something on it??? Nope.

I decided to check the comments to see what the heck they are before ordering one… luckily.

2 orders of 3 placed between both sales.

16 unique images
59 stickers (math is hard y’all)

Perhaps offering random stickers isn’t a good thing if the pool of possible stickers is apparently so low.

A previous order of stickers used the same pool and added
I (heart) books
8 bit sunglasses
Energy Efficient Kitten
Vader (Atari Logo take off)

I knew I would get some repeats, but I did not expect to get 4 of the same image across 60 stickers.

Missing from the picks for me this time are the images used in the first set of stickers I ordered.

I had hoped 2 orders over 2 “different” sales I hoped would get me more variety of images.

The “Random Sticker 10-Pack” I received had only 9 stickers:

8 of the same “shirt.woot!” decals and 1 of a drunk cloud barfing a rainbow

Majorly craptastic!


I’m sincerely sorry about that- if you write into support@woot.com they should be able to help set things right.

I purchased the random greeting cards and was shipped the most disgusting, sacrilegious Christmas cards that I have ever seen. Never again…

You must have got Krampus. I give those only to my friends that know what a Krampus is.

:frowning: says it was delivered earlier in the month, but I sure as heck didn’t get it. Guess someone stole it. Hey, at least they were cheap I guess.

Hmm. Have you contacted the carrier to see if they can locate the package? You can also email your situation and order details to support@woot.com. CS can look into what’s up and review your options.