Ranger Phil's Garden Grab Bag

I subscribed to Ranger Rick’s magazine for many years when I was a kid.

Can we get some clarification on what’s in the box with the Worx WG912.51 2-Piece 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit?

How many batteries? What extras (charger, extra line spools, what are those other things – wall racks?)? Is this a single- or dual-line trimmer?

Good question. We’ve updated the specs to list the stuff you get:

In the Box:

(1) Worx WG151 String Trimmer and Edger
(1) Worx WG540 Blower and Sweeper
(2) 18-Volt Lithium-Ion battery for long life
(1) 30 minute quick charger
(2) Extra trimmer line spools
(2) Wall mounts for easy storage

And this is a single-line feed trimmer.

Personal review on the “Fiskars 86176946K Platinum Series PowerGear Super Pruner/Lopper, 15-inches” is that they do a decent job until they break. In one month of working on a blueberry farm we had broken the plastic part of the cutting head on three different pruners. You’d be better off buying full metal pruners so you can actually cut through anything the head fits around without worry.

How can the Worx WG165 have 24 volt 1.5 Ah battery, but last only 20 minutes. Yesterday’s Greenworks 21072 Gen1 is 20 volts 2.6 Ah lasts 45 minutes (and is cheaper too).

Ken Jennings wants to know: “Where are the hoes?”


Any personal experience with either electric corded weed whackers?

Just got another B&D corded replacement around the same price but if either of these are decent wouldn’t mind having another in the garage for a back up.

2.6 Ampere Hours is almost twice as much as 1.5 Ampere Hours.
If the Greenworks motor is also smaller, or more efficient, it would make sense that the 2.6ah/20v battery lasts longer than the 1.5ah/24v,
even with the difference in voltage.

& it could be they use different criteria to come up with their run times (full, partial, or no load)

I own the 82-90G … at least I did before I returned it. Reviews at Amazon are not good either … http://www.amazon.com/Garden-Groomer-82-90GG-Whacker-Electric/dp/B00BCXLCYM/ref=sr_1_4

Thanks for that. I did eventually find the review and noticed there is no replacement available for the spool!?!?!

The other one didnt get a very good review either - one review on Amazon - also it has a user Non-replaceable piece that keeps breaking and for two years the company sends you that piece!