Rant and Roar: Eeyore edition.

That’s right, let’s let them rip.

Misdiagnosis at the quick care yesterday. I don’t have Pharangitis. I have yet another sinus infection you idiot. Only to wait almost two hours for just to get prescriptions when I’m the only patient there.

Really…thanks for noticing me.

Making popcorn at work should result in the offender being dipped in butter and thrown down a tile hallway.


I’d say ‘men’ but really, it’s just a couple of specific ones.


I won’t even ask what the penalty for heating up leftover fish must be.

Being tartared and feathered, of course.

[Eeyore] Doesn’t matter. No one pays attention to me, anyway.[/Eeyore]

I’m guessing dysentery.

I don’t wanna do my homework!

My hands smell like feet!

Quit picking your toes.

Or at least wash your hands afterwards!!!

I’d like to put you in the position of movie theater manager for a day.
I imagine that would be great entertainment.

Probably not. There’s a reasonable expectation of popcorn in a movie theater.