Rapid Reticle 33mm Red Dot Reflex Sight

must resist joke tying this product into the crap storm that seems to be hitting the woot servers…

In for 1, guess now I have to buy a gun as an accessory to go along with this!

Be an AMURICAN, get a gun.

just in time for summer, this shall go well retrofitted to my water gun.

Everyone should own a gun, or two, or eight, or more then they can count… all depends on who you know… and if they give you guns at cost…

Nice to see woot is offering more firearms related gear. Here is a link to the manufacturers page. http://www.rapidreticle.com/Main/ScopeItem.aspx?ID=8&grpID=8

I am unfamiliar with this brand though. 5MOA seems huge for a red dot. Ill stick with my 2MOA Aimpoint

[aussie] “Sniping’s a good job, mate!” [/aussie]

Agreed, I just finished my most recent project rifle tonight.

I bought a PFI Action-4 from moofi.woot a few months ago and I regret it.

Trying to find a 33mm high mount scope rings for an AR is impossible. The manufacturer offers one but they’re asking for more than what I paid for the optic. My only other option is to buy a riser, which I did but come to find out the rings the manufacturer provides are shoddy. The rings won’t get a firm grip on the rails and will come loose after a couple of shots from .223 rifle.

That was not my experience, at all. I used YHM risers, and had no difficulty maintaining a zero with my Action-4. If your rings are genuinely defective, call PFI and have them ship you new ones.

Also, the 33mm quick release ring was supposed to drop to $100, so you should call PFI and see if they can sell you one. I recently bought a couple for a bit under a hundred bucks each, and they seem rock solid. In fact, they’re the biggest damn rings I’ve ever seen, and make my Leupold QRWs look like amateur hour. I admit that they’re more expensive than I’d prefer, but they’re in line with Aimpoint and the like.

So, I am something of a fan of PFI’s reflex sights. I have two Action-4s, two SOPS, and a SOPS-Compact (mounted in an IronDot). Let me say a few things about them:

  1. They’re Japanese made by Kenko. They are not Chinese crap.
  2. The glass is excellent, and so is the build quality. The battery compartment, in particular, is extremely well engineered.
  3. The tubes are a weird 33mm in diameter and the included rings are low. If you want AR-15 height co-witness, you will either need the PFI-QRR mount ($100) or 1/2" risers. I’ve used both.
  4. The flip-up caps work as expected. They’re not going to get in the way.

Who makes this? At that MSRP, I would be looking at an Aimpoint or Eotech. I was just looking at a $170 vortex strikefire. What makes this worth $190? Is it just a cheap red dot with a bunch of features that increase the price?

Woot has my interest, but I have never heard of this optic before.

This would be good for your kid’s airsoft but it won’t last on top of something like an AR-15.
Buy once, cry once… Get an Aimpoint.

Challenging work, and you’ll never go hungry, cause as long as there’s two people left on the planet, someone’s gonna want someone dead.

Google Pride Fowler…they seem to be mid level optics. What little research I did seems like a fair price. May get 1 fer my little one’s AR but it won’t replace my Acog on my AR.

It’s the little things… Both product videos have guys calling this a “scope” but it’s not a scope, but rather an optic with no magnification. One also states this was built for the military but we know they’re running Aimpoints and Acogs and not $130 optics from Woot!
Close the lens covers to save the battery life? My Aimpont can be left on for 5 years!

Great for someone who doesn’t put much down range, or for an airsoft… But I wouldn’t put this on anything I would need to defend myself with.

Doesn’t seem nearly as nice as my Vortex SPARC red dot that I got off Amazon for just under $200.

Mine has 2x Magnification, and a LOT smaller dot than 5 MOA (That is HUGE).


The SPARC also comes with mounts for low, medium, or high, so should be no issue with putting it on whatever gun you want.

Interesting. I took advantage of the S&W rail mounted light last week, now I see an optic (red dot) for sale. Although I’ve never heard of this company, I am glad to see more of these kinds of products available here. Any products that make Hippies and Gun Grabbers cry is ok with me! Keep up the good work woot! Please see about working a deal with Trijicon or some of the big boys on discounted units, even refurbs will do!

I would get a Primary Arms red dot if you are not an operator. Save some money and get something that I have never heard one bad thing about (and I have looked)

If you are legitimately trusting your life to it, buy an EOTech or Aimpoint.