Rapid Reticle 33mm Red Dot Reflex Sight

My micro green dot failed repeatedly on a .22LR handgun, to the extent that I asked for a refund. I also found the coatings on the Micro and the M3 clone to be distracting and overdone. Oh, and they all have a ton of reflection at the edge of the tubes if you turn them up.

Now you’ve heard some bad things.

The PFI here is much, much better than the PA reflex sights. I promptly sold all my PA reflex sights after I switched over to PFI’s gear. It is significantly better. PA’s stuff is good for their price point, but don’t kid yourself about the quality relative to this sight.

While I agree that the Aimpoint’s battery life is a real point in its favor, the fact remains that it costs double (or more) than the SOPS. Also, it’s hilarious that you’re calling out John Pride on his terminology - he’s way more of a shooter than you’ll probably ever be.

You have no idea what you’re talking about. I had an Action-4 mounted to my AR-15 for quite a while, and it kept zero and functioned fine. I’ve seen photos of guys running the SOPS overseas. It’s the real deal.

I am also LOL’ing at the “buy a Vortex Sparc” crowd. It is the height of irony that some of you are telling people to go play with a cheap Chinese reflex sight rather than buy a high-quality Japanese reflex sight. PFI has been around for a long time, and they make good stuff. Their scopes are very well-regarded, even if their reflex sights aren’t as well-known. More idiocy from the ARFCOM “I’ve never heard of it, so it must suck” crowd.

Dad…dad…I’m not a crazed gunman, dad,I’m an assassin…Well, the difference being one’s a profession and the other is a mental sickness!

Looks to me like it’s actually a 1MOA adjustment, but the “Pulse LED” is 5MOA (Possibly in size?). Biggest thing I see wrong with it is the fact it doesn’t take an AA battery like some Aimpoints. But, you still have to consider this is a really good price on this sight.

Your hate on the vortex sparc is a little wild as shown in this video it’s a great optic for most peoples needs Edit: also something more comparable would be the vortex strikefire [url=]http://www.amazon.com/Vortex%C2%AE-StrikeFire-Rifle-Scope-Suitable/dp/B001Q8GEWS/ref=pd_cp_p_1 which is about 20 bucks cheaper


2nd this, lol.

Make sure you check to see if all the parts specified in the order get delivered with the scope. I had ordered previously from moofi and mine were missing the included protective lens covers. I’ve contacted service.woot and am waiting for a reply. It’s kind of difficult to keep the scope mounted if you can’t keep the optics clean.

I don’t hate the Sparc or the Strikefire, or the PA dots. For their price point, they are fine.

I am saying that none of those is nearly as good as the PFI SOPS, and that what Woot is offering is genuinely an excellent deal. Stuff like glass and internal build quality is rather significant, and it hard to evaluate from something as simple as a feature set.

5MOA is fine for a reflex sight. At 100 yards, that’s the size of a human head, which gives you some ad-hoc ranging capability - more so than a smaller 2MOA dot. If you need to do precision range work, I’d suggest you buy a 1-4x scope instead. (I am enamored of the GRSC right now, FWIW.)

Didn’t even think of that, but, yes, I used blue loc-tite on mine to fix that “problem”. (I put that in quotes, because it’s an issue with pretty much any screw on a gun.)

I’ve not heard of this optic before I saw it on woot the last time it (or a similar one) was featured. Seems like a good deal for Japanese glass.

I was looking at getting this for my husband for a gift but I am not real sure if it is worth it. I hear that is optics and not really a scope. I want to get something that we will be able to “reach out and touch”. Can ya’ll help me to find something that I will be able to put on different types of guns.

I bought this optic last time it was offered, and I like it. It’s daylight visible, and, as has already been pointed out, is a Japanese-manufactured product, not a Chinese lead-filled paperweight. It’s held zero just fine through a fair amount of transport and a couple hundered rounds of 5.56.

The kinda-neat, kinda-gimmicky feature of this is a brightness setting labeled “A”, for automatic. This sight has a photo cell in it that detects ambient light and can adjust brightness accordingly. Useful if you don’t want to click through all settings to find the most amount of light with the least bleed-through.

The rings are not as nice as the rest of the package, but for the price point, I’m not expecting a $90 set of LaRue rings. I run the included rings with a 0.83" riser to get a lower 1/3 co-witness.

All in all, I’m happy with my purchase.

I hate to say this, but I’d probably leave the scope / sight decision to him.

same story with me, i tried shooting it a few times with my AR15 on a decent riser and the factory rings kept slipping. i emailed support about it and they swore up and down they were working towards making a cheaper quick release mount. this was many months ago, so i think it is pretty much vaporware. it has been sitting in the box ever since. i’ll probably take it to the next gun show and try to trade it for something, anything.

From what I have read this isn’t a cheap red dot, it’s actually one used in theater and it’s supposed to be extremely well made.

  1. Why would you need your impoint on for 5 years?

  2. It’s not a $130 optic.

  3. Can you share your experience with this item?

We’d love some links!

Here’s some of the other products offered by this company at MIDWAYUSA

YOu can see that PFI is the real deal… their other scopes are retailing around $500-$1,000


would the 5 MOA dot be too large for .22 plinking and target shooting at ~50 yards?

1 MOA (minute of angle) translates to roughly one inch at 100 yards. At 50 yards, a 5MOA dot would cover about 2.5 inches… not quite the width of a soda can.

It would be fine for a plinker .22LR gun, but even then, 5MOA is definitely a big dot… usually they’re 4 or 2MOA for a red dot optic.

I have a Millet red dot on a .22LR rifle and it works fine at about half the cost of this thing. This one may well be better, but it doesn’t take much for a plinker.

For a rifle intended for potential defensive roles, I’d pass this one up in favor of the Aimpoint PRO. Sure, it’s a fair amount more money, but better to buy once and cry once.