Rasmussen Esoterica Vermelho Forte (3)

Kent Rasmussen Esoterica 2008 Vermelho Forte 500ml 3-Pack
$49.99 $85.00 41% off List Price
2008 Vermelho Forte 500ml

Looks interesting. Anybody had this?

I have 6 bottles. But no help since you know I don’t open them! :wink:

It’s Kent, so it should be delicious.

Edit: Notes via Cellar Tracker:

wkdpanda - 89 pts: “The Madeira influence throws some people who don’t know what to expect. That sort of sherry, sort of raisin port, with a hint of cocoa. Well done desert wine. Its all in the eye of the beholder, but this will get better with age.”

trifecta - 83 points: Shared with a group, received well. Found it too pruny/stewed for my liking. Hoping that it will evolve a bit over time. (I think the 83 was his, group was probably higher)

mschauber - rated 89 points: Thinner than I remembered and a bit more acidic as well. Still a very nice port/forte. The wine looks Crimson colored. The legs are Slow. It smells like a little floral and chocolate covered Blackberry. It tastes like Alcohol/Hot, and Chocolate plus some nondescript spice. The body is Full. The wine has Silky texture. The wine finishes Medium. I’m thinking some air will do this wine good. This glass was right after popping the cork. I’ll probably keep my remaining bottles for at least a year or two.

North316 - 91 points: Nose of dark cherry, blackberry a hint of ripe bananas and a touch of pepper. Very pleasant on the nose. Very fruit forward on the initial taste. Taste of cherries, with an almost raisiny or honeylike roundness. Slight peppery (read acidic) heat and warmth of the alcohol beautifully balance out the sweet, tart fruit. A nice complex finish rounds out the experience quite well. This forte is drinking well but should also age beautifully. Looking forward to tasting to this over time. Kent Rasmussen has pleased again.

Others on CT:

92 points: Like chocolate covered raisins.

89 points: Nose: Smells porty - a little raisin and some dates. A little thin on the mouthfeel but the flavor is really good. The date continues onto the palate and there is almost a little cigar tobacco on the finish.

86 points: Prune and raisin dominate the nose (more than I would like, even for a port). On the palate, lots of fruit, but a bit too sweet (again, even for a port). This is pop and pour at room temperature. Will check beck under better conditions. Not bad, and will please many guests, but doesn’t compare with even the cheaper genuine vintage ports I’ve tasted. (I don’t have much familiarity with CA “ports”.)

Very, very tempting, if they were 750ML I’d be in…hmmm…but on the other hand I know they’ll be delicious :slight_smile:

You could just send me some of yours. I’ll drink them! :wink:

I’ve had it. Loved it. No tasting notes. Would buy again if I had room.

Nice treat after dinner.

They’re 500ml, so only 250ml less! :wink:

But you aren’t on the Ship To state list!!! :tongue:

Completely agree - except I have room, or at least will find some room somewhere…

Just ordered 6 bottles…

SOB! Just convinced myself that I need to order this and CT is not on the Ship To list! What I really miss are the offerings of Esoterica Late Harvest Viognier, that stuff was awesome! Made the mistak of gifting bottles.

Yeah, that LHV was Nectar of the Gods. This is also very good, although for the same price I preferred Pedroncelli’s Four Grapes Port.


Well, since I can’t get wine shipped to the great state of Alabama, some good cheese would be wonderful…just sayin’.

+2 The LHV was one of the best dessert wines I’ve ever had.

This stuff is very very tasty. It has nice chocolately notes and is well balanced. I’d get more if I didn’t already have 6 bottles of it in the basement. If you’re on the fence, jump off and get this.

You have convinced me. In for 2. Er, 6.

I have to say the port(ish) I have bought through wine.woot has all been phenom.

I have no room for more wine and I have 9 bottles on the way.

As NC is pretty much always on the ship-to list and I really can’t buy more wine, I’m with you–cheese, please! [grin]


I preferred this over the Four Grapes, as my CT note above aludes to. This is also why I have 12 bottles stashed away in my cooler.

you only get -1 :wink:

I’m bitter bitter bitter. I would have purchased Wellington Victory Reserve, Wellington Zin, Renwood Syrah, Renwood zin, Geyser Peak merlot and esoterica forte. Stupid stupid stupid legislative BS… And yes, I’ve read the all the threads and I’ve written my Tennessee representatives but that doesn’t change the fact that I cannot buy wine from woot.