Rasolli Women's Combat Boots

Go Doc’s or go home!

How long has that company been operating and how have they avoided being sued by Dr. Martens?

Glad I’m not the only one who sees the striking resemblance to Docs. lol

hear, hear!!

Sadly, Docs vs Rasolli: both made in China.

With the exception of a few particular styles of foot wear, Docs are almost exclusively made in China. Found that disappointing fact out from the “1940” style I purchased a few years ago. Granted, the Docs are better quality than a great deal of footwear but their origins seemed to be deceptive for a while. None of the people who owned newer pairs that I spoke with two/three years ago had any idea. Now they specify plainly which are of actual British make.

‘Real’ Docs say “MADE IN ENGLAND” on the sole, so always check, otherwise it ain’t worth it. The pair that I have that aren’t made in England feel absolutely awful.

That being said… are these boots any comfortable? I could use a non-Doc Marten pair.

Really? I think I’m going home with a couple pairs of Rasolli’s, these are hot without the “hot” price tag! Its not the name of the boot its the name of the chick rockin’ the boot! I’ll rock it, woot woot!

I’d be interested to hear how they stack up. I got a pair of OLDDD Docs from my friends aunt and they fit perfectly and are still in great shape.The way I see it. You only need one pair of Docs in your life.

Came here to lament that these are cheap knockoffs, but I see it’s been done.

Onto the related lament: I was a Dr. Martens fan until I bought my first Made-in-China pair. Then I despaired for several years–until they resumed manufacturing in England: http://www.dmusastore.com/c-187-made-in-england.aspx?
I can vouch that they’re much sturdier than the China junk. Worth the premium.

Funny, last week my wife and I were shoe shopping. She showed me a pair of “Docs” that were not the real deal, and I looked her straight in the eyes and said, if you want Docs then get docs! Its the same with all kinds of other shoes, if you want a pair of shoes that look like vans get vans, etc…

Refurbished boots???

OK, we know they are not Doc Martens.

That said, does anyone have actual experience with this brand?

If you want combat boots, join the military. Now THAT is the real deal.

It doesnt say Docs, I dont expect docs. especially not for $20 geeze! If I wanted shoes/boots I could wear EVERY DAY then I fully expect to pay far more than $20… but really only one pair of shoes… who the hell does that!?

There won’t be any in my size by pay day …Arrghhhh …

I tend to wear the same shoes all the time. Get a good pair of Oxfords and live in an area with crappy weather and you can pull it off. Heels are unhealthy, so I only wear them when I absolutely have to (because, at above average height, they still make pants that I’ll be walking on unless I go petite/short, and those don’t fit right on the hips because they’re made for shorter torsos, and…), and I live in pants. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it ;).

I got mine today: i usually wear a wide in most shoes, but these fit great. For the price, the construction is pretty decent, and the blue is a nice, true royal blue without being too in-your-face.

I’m happy with this purchase, especially since i’d be unlikely to invest in Docs in a fun color. (all my docs are black as my soul.)