Rat Rod



Link to buy this shirt after today: Rat Rod
…and a little education on what a Rat Rod actually is.

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There’ve been lots of new designs posted in the past 24 hours and movement at the top as well!

If today’s shirt offering doesn’t strike your fancy, spend a few minutes perusingthe derby entries!.


Hideous. Just Hideous.


hideous? that’s awesome.


Nice. I like rods…

(don’t laugh)




interesting design, but not my style…


Interesting, but Ill pass. It appeals to all the people who have been complaining about the shirts being too nerdy. I like the design, but I like nerdy better.


finally a decent shirt. in for 1


I like the look, just no real wooty appeal to it. at least as I see it.


Is that a naked chick?


GOT ONE, now this is cool.


it’s better but it’s on a BROWN shirt…yuck


Now this is what I’m talking about… product more shirts like this, and all woot employees can retire soon!


Now that’s a sweeet design. In for one!


I’ve tried to defend many of the shirts we’ve had over the past week, but this one looks like it came from Walmart.


Back door to all WOOT Tees (so far…). NOTE: Price is always $15, not $10, on ‘second chance’ orders.

2nd chance orders available AFTER MIDNIGHT of the day originally offered.


For NNNN, use these codes product ID’s

3618 = WOOT Launch

3622 = Sore Thumbs
3625 = Robot Service
3627 = The Must-See Comedy Shirt of the Summer
3629 = Sea Chimp
3630 = Threat Level: Doctorow

3633 = This Here Is My Unicorn-Shootin’ Gun
3637 = Word Problem
3640 = Rat Rod




that’s pretty badass. i’d take a second look at a guy wearing this shirt :wink:


hmmm…I think this will be the THIRD tshirt in a row that doesn’t sell out…I am sorry but I can’t figure out what it is and what’s going on…