minimalist, with a hint of sarcasm.



[quote user=“astarfalling”]

minimalist, with a hint of sarcasm.

overtly predisposed to baited posts




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Hmmm . . . lightly seasoned with good thyming and a hint of cynical zest . . .


Starved for intelligent conversation? Fed up with bland, tasteless threads with no real meat?


Threads don’t need meat . . . they need a variety of culinary diversions . . .

gwp - your post is a 7.3 . . . well-concieved critique but without an offered alternative!!! <snerk>


Heh. I love how several of you have already shied away from giving a numerical value to the previous poster.

I give AZG an 8.7 for designating a numerical value to gwp’s post and for his pro-culinary choice answer.


A complete loon. On the loon scale, 10.00 of a possible 10.03.


All three thumbs up just for using the word “loon.”


Three thumbs huh? I’ll give you a 10 for your hitch hiking ability and another a 3 for using them instead to suck-up.


suck? thumb? = thumb sucker = 7.3


I don’t know Pixel, so I will give him/her a 9.0 just to be polite.


Don’t gets a 9.8 for perfect spelling and 8.3 for acknowledging incomplete information regarding Pixel8’s genderosity on her part.


Gwp gets a 9 for inventing the word “genderosity.”


Poof likewise gets a 9 for the nod, and a token for a free large drink on her next visit. (Taxes, gratuities and refills not included)


gwp gets 8.5, mainly because I can’t tell if the green aliens in his sig are sharing a sweet, romantic moment or if we are witnessing a case of intergalactic sexual harassment!


zea gets a 4.2 for pushing America’s sexual paranoia into the final frontier . . .


Only a 4.2 AZG?

8 for commenting on a comment


I’d like to just take a moment to quote Gaius Caligula here:
“If only all of Rome had but a single neck.”
Now back to your regularly scheduled rediculousness.