Ravi Instant Wine Chiller

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Ravi Instant Wine Chiller [Cold] - $16.99 + $5 shipping

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If I was a fan of wine, that would be a fun thing to own lol

Interesting, but looks like it would make the bottle top-heavy. It may be too unstable, especially for winos.

Ha! Ha! Boy, Woot sure is hip! My tween taught me the word chillax! Of course, they also taught me the word “tween” - LOL!

In for one, they seem pretty sweet. Still, I wouldn’t have taken a picture on a bottle of white. This is really more for red wines. Chills down to around 65ºF, not 55ºF and below.

Neat but I’d buy only if it could drop the temperature about 10 degrees lower. Interesting though.

I have one of these, but haven’t had the oppurtunity yet to use it b/c I recently moved and haven’t unpacked it yet. I got mine from a local wine shop for $50. I would have rather paid the Woot price! I did ask the store owners what they thought - it chills good, but they were always worried about it falling off the bottle when they poured/ackward to hold.

I bought it to use on red wines. Usually people bring them over to the house and they too warm. A warm red is the worst.

I will also note it is much larger than I expected and the cooling chamber has to be stored in the freezer…

There is a spiral inside, which makes it a pain to clean, but it does work.

It wouldn’t be a problem to store this in the freezer indefinitely until ready to use, right?