Ravi Instant Wine Chiller

Ravi Instant Wine Chiller
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PRODUCT: 1 Ravi Instant Wine Chiller

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5/7/2010 (Original offer)

Maybe the Uvaggio wasn’t cold enough.

I wonder what woot has more of - Instant Wine Chillers or Varietal Tables…

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I got three:
One for this bottle
One for the next bottle
And one for spares. Or for your friends who never remember to chill their wine either.

I could really use a nice Zin or Barbera cab/pinot/syrah…just sayin

in 4 3…
i don’t think this will be delivered by next weekend, but if they are… i’m bringing them to a bday bash to chill them vodka/tequila…

I keep my wine the garage…which gets pretty damn hot during the summer.

My solution is much easier… just toss some ice cubes to chill.

Most white wines takes 3-4 cubes
Rose 2-3 cubes
Reds 1-2 cubes

For summer time, I double the # of cubes because the garage hovers around 120-140F.

For winter time I don’t usually add ice as the garage is perhaps 30-40F…so wine is already chilled! :slight_smile:

Woo-freakin-hoo! I had tried to get 2 of these when previously offered (a month ago? 2 months?) but they were sold out.

Price is great! And allows for last minute white wine purchase and consumption!

Video review on Amazon!

I suppose these could be used for other beverages, right? It doesn’t look like it’d fit many types of bottles though. Easy to clean?

This deserves a quality post!

You should look into getting some whiskey stones if you don’t like the taste of watered-down wine.

looks like a good deal-- $40 on Amazon.

whiskey stones? tell us more!

Geez…I was kidding… :slight_smile:

whiskey stones are awesome.

can be a side effect from drinking too much whiskey…

Why is there a wine chiller named after me? I think I’ll create my own wine product. The Steve Wine Opener.


I have two. I am after two more as soon as I post this… they work GREAT for chillin’ shots of Jeager and tequila. Not to mention a nice white zin!

there’s even a little pouch to keep your stones in