Rawlings 6-Gallon Ball Bucket 6-Pack

Rawlings 6-Gallon Ball Bucket 6-Pack

Get this knock-off BUCKET out of here

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It may be a bucket, but it is certainly no woot bucket!


That’ll hold like 36 gallons o’ balls!

Not even a bucket of crapballs!

Balls sold separately

Buckets sold empty

Those are some expensive buckets.


yes, but imagine if it said ‘wilson’ on the side instead…

Should sell this as a complete street drummer kit.

Add a trash bag and…boom! Instant porta-potty. A game changer at tailgates. Just add this:


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Actually these are cheap for buckets.

Most ball buckets run $20 a piece empty (often without cushion lid).

So it’s a pretty good deal. 6 buckets for $30 is actually a steal.

Do you get 6 cushion lids with this deal or only one? The specs were unclear to me.