Rawlings Baseball and Softball Gloves

That picture is not a first basemen’s mitt. So, it’s either a wrong picure, or a wrong title.

You’re absolutely correct. I ordered one last time, and it’s only a regular glove with Joba Chamberlain’s signature in it. He’s a pitcher.

To be fair, Woot did take care of the issue, but they really need to change the description on the glove. They’ve had it for sale at least three times now as a first base mitt.

It says “Right Hand”. Is that for right handed players (ie glove on the left hand) or the glove goes on the Right Hand?

Cause there’s a wrong hand here.

Hand reference in baseball/softball typically refers to the throwing hand. All of the gloves pictured are for right hand throwers and are called right hand gloves.

I bought the black glove and the sandlot last time they were on here. Although the gloves are high quality the size is very small. My 13yr old son couldn’t fit his hand in it nor could the wife. They would wear a Medium in regular hand gloves if that helps

Just received this glove and it is definitely NOT a first baseman’s glove. disappointing.

I misunderstood the size of the glove. I bought it for my 4 yr old grandson but it really would be more for a 10-12 yr old.